What to Expect

From First Visit to Treatment

Step 1 : Consult

Patients receive a consultation with one of our Board Certified Radiation Oncologists. During this consultation, the doctor will explain the benefits and what to expect with radiation therapy to the patient and any family members present. Therapy is initiated when the patient has received enough information to fully evaluate their health care options.

A consultation consists of:

  • Physical examination
  • Review of the family and social history, laboratory and x-ray findings
  • Counseling and education of treatment options
  • Coordination of medical care with the primary care physician and other specialists
  • Simulation, treatment planning, treatment and follow up will be discussed in detail if treatment is considered

Step 2 : Treatment Plan

The treatment plan is a prescription for Radiation Therapy that is individualized for each patient. The treatment plan designs a course of Radiation Therapy to achieve one or more of the following outcomes: to destroy all the cancer cells, to reduce the tumor size, to slow or prevent the spread of the cancer, to protect against recurrence after surgery, to relieve pain or other symptoms caused by the disease. The Radiation Oncologist determines the radiation dose, and the total number of treatments the patient will need. The doctor’s treatment plan is verified by computerized planning and dosimetry calculations provided by a Medical Physicist.

Step 3 :Simulation

The Simulation determines the safest technique to accomplish the treatment plan. Our CT Simulator is a special device used to locate the specific tumor area. Simulation takes an average of thirty minutes.

Step 4: Treatment

Daily treatments are given using a linear accelerator. The accelerator generates high energy x-rays which are directed toward the cancer location. The treatment takes only a few minutes and is not painful. Frequent visits with your Radiation Oncologist and our Nurse are included to monitor your treatment progress, weight, vital signs, blood work, and to provide the opportunity to discuss questions and concerns.



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